Commercial Construction Plan Requirements

Commercial buildings, additions and renovations shall submit Delaware Architect/Engineer sealed plans consisting of the following:

  1. Site Plan showing-
    1. Overall dimensions and location of new structure(s)
    2. Property lines and streets or roads
    3. All structure(s) on same property
    4. Parking lot including all spaces and accesses
  2. Foundation Plan showing-
    1. Overall size and dimensions
    2. Footing and foundation sizes
    3. All re-bar and reinforcement size and location
  3. Floor Plan showing-
    1. Overall size and dimensions (interior and exterior)
    2. Occupancy classification
    3. All rooms labeled for intended use
    4. Location of all exit doors
    5. Location of all exit signs and emergency lighting (not applicable on floor plan, IF shown on electrical plan layout)
    6. U.L. design numbers on all fire rated assemblies or other acceptable testing firms
  4. Building Sections & Elevations showing-
    1. All sections specifying materials (such as floors, walls, roofs & beams), sizes and spacings
    2. U.L. designs on all fire rated assemblies (if not labeled on floor plan)
    3. Elevations of all sides
    4. Pre-manufactured, pre-engineered, pre-fabricated buildings to provide shop drawings separately with Delaware Architect/Engineer seals
  5. Additional Information-
    1. Building Code plan review and inspection fees are based on total value of construction x .005. A minimum $120.00 fee will be charged on all projects not exceeding $24,000.00 of value.
    2. Energy compliance forms sealed by a Delaware Architect/Engineer, designed to minimum ASHRAE/IES 90.1-2010 and/or 2012 IECC shall accompany construction plans at time of submittal.
    3. Two (2) complete sets of the aforementioned plans are required to be submitted. If the project is located within the County’s sewer district, a third set will be needed to provide to Sussex County’s Engineering Permits Office.
    4. All commercial project applicants will need to contact the State Fire Marshal’s Office for that office’s submittal requirements. They may be contacted at (302) 856-5298.