Section1: Applicant Information
Section 2: Program Description

[1] Infrastructure could include roadway construction, trash disposal, well and septic repair, public water and sewer hookup, street lighting, and construction for accessibility purposes.

[2] To qualify as low to moderate income, the project must benefit households that have less than 80% of AMI for Sussex County which is defined annually by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development. For 2020, 80% of AMI for a household of one is $42,500.

Only enter valid numeric values

Section 3: Program Scope

A. Briefly describe the program for which funds are being requested. The narrative should include the need or problem to be addressed in relation to the population to be served or the area to benefit.*


A faith-based nonprofit organization is eligible to receive and apply for a grant on the same basis as other nonprofit organizations, with respect to programs which are eligible. In the selection of grantees, the County will not discriminate for or against an organization on the basis of the organization's religious characterization or affiliation. However, certain requests to utilize funding for programs with religious purposes may not be eligible due to constitutional principles of the United States and/or the State of Delaware.

Briefly describe the components of the program that involve religious purposes and the components that involve secular purposes, or non-religious purposes. If both non-religious and religious purposes are involved in the program, this narrative must include the specific actions that will be implemented in order to ensure that the funding is solely used for non-religious purposes and will not be used to advance or inhibit religious or faith-based activities.

If your organization has a religious affiliation, please submit proof with this application that there is separate accounting for non-religious activities. After the awarded funds have been made, receipts of the non-religious purchases shall be submitted in accordance with Section 5 below before funds will be disbursed.

Section 4: Budget





Please enter the total projected budget for the project (not entire organization expense if not applicable to request). Example of expenditure items: PERSONNEL-one lump sum that would include benefits, OPERATING COSTS-supplies, equipment, rent/lease, insurance, printing, telephone, CONSTRUCTION/ACQUISITION-acquisition, development, rehab hard cost, physical inspections, architectural engineering, permits and fees, insurance, appraisal.


*The project will not be eligible for a grant unless there is a deficit.

Section 5: Statement of Assurances

If this grant application is awarded funding,

agrees that:

  1. For non-religious organizations, all expenditures must have adequate documentation and must be expended within one (1) year of receipt of award funds. The funding awarded to the organization must be used in substantial conformity with the anticipated expenditures set forth in the submitted application. All accounting records and supporting documentation shall be available for inspection by Sussex County within thirty (30) days after the organization's expenditure of the awarded funding, or within one year after the receipt of the awarded funds, whichever first occurs.
  2. For religious organizations, all accounting records and supporting documentation shall be provided for inspection by Sussex County after the award has been made by County Council but before the funding is released.
  3. No person, on the basis of race, color, or national origin, should be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefit of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under the program or activity funded in whole or in part by these Grant funds.
  4. All information and statements made in this application are accurate and complete to the best of my information and belief.
  5. All funding will benefit only Sussex County residents.
  6. All documents submitted by the applicant are defined as public documents and available for review under the Freedom of Information Act of the State of Delaware.
  7. All funding will be used exclusively for secular purposes, i.e., non-religious purposes and shall not be used to advance or inhibit religious purposes.
  8. In the event that the awarded funding is used in violation of the requirements of this grant, the awarded funding shall be reimbursed to Sussex County within a timeframe designated by Sussex County by written notice.