Moderately Priced Housing Program

Welcome to Sussex County’s Moderately Priced Housing Program. With this program, we want to encourage young professionals to bring their expertise to the rapidly developing economy of Sussex County, Delaware. Presently, the recent appeal of our coastal location has increased the value of real estate. Unfortunately, as our county undergoes a wave of urbanization, wages have not grown to match real estate market prices. What we strive to do with our Moderately Priced Housing Program, is to provide nurses, EMTs, policemen and women, teachers, as well as other modest wage earners with an affordable home.

One of the goals of the program is to convince college students that there is affordable housing available if they were to return home to Sussex County to seek employment. The unemployment rate in Sussex County has continued to decline, however employment growth is concentrated among the lower paying industry sectors. With increased housing options for the rising professional sectors, we hope to see more employment opportunities in such fields. Another goal is to limit the commuting distance to the workplace. For example, workers with a place of employment near the coastal area of the County find it difficult to purchase a home within a reasonable distance. Our objective is to construct Moderately Priced Housing Units in newly-constructed developments all over the County, in order to better satisfy the various needs for affordable housing. To ensure that the MPHUs will remain affordable, we impose affordability restrictions.

To inspire developers to voluntarily participate in the program, we offer some incentives. For any development with more than 35 planned units, 15% of the total units constructed are moderately priced. Developers would receive a density bonus, allowing them to fully utilize the zoning capabilities of the subdivision. In addition, we would provide them with an expedited review through the County's Planning and Zoning Process.

A summary of the MPHU is available for your perusal.

Please feel free to read Ordinance Chapter 72 regarding Moderately Priced Housing Units and its amendments 1941 and 2302.

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If you are an agency or organization that wishes to promote the Moderately Priced Housing Program, please contact us to receive information materials.