Moderately Priced Housing Program Buyers Information

  1. Areas of Development
    1. Ingram Village
      1. Ellendale - North Old State Road
      2. Note: This project was annexed into the town of Ellendale and is no longer under County jurisdiction. However, affordable units are currently available for sale.
    2. Moorings of Pepper’s Creek
      1. Dagsboro – Piney Neck Road
      2. 27 Units; 5 Single Family, 4 Twin Homes, 9 Town Homes, 9 Stacked Flat
    3. Powell Place
      1. Georgetown – Zoar Road
      2. 39 Units; 39 Single Family
    4. Newdale Acres
      1. Ellendale - North Old State Road
      2. 45 Units; 23 Single Family, 22 Town Homes
  2. Procedures:
    Those interested in purchasing a Moderately Priced Housing Unit must consent to the following procedures:
    1. Interested applicants must attend an MPHU orientation session, offered by the County Department of Community Development & Housing. Interested individuals may sign up for an orientation session by calling (302) 855-7777. A schedule of upcoming orientations is available on our website under the link for News and Events. **Due to current market conditions, there are no active MPHU projects.  As a result, no orientation sessions are currently being offered.
    2. Following the orientation session, interested applicants must receive at least 8 hours of pre-purchased homeownership counseling. The following HUD-approved agencies are located in Georgetown:
      • First State Community Action Agency - 302-856-7761
      • NCALL Research Inc. - 302-855-1370
      A certificate of completion must be received before submitting an application to the MPHU program. Once the MPHU orientation and housing counseling are complete, they can submit an application. Applications are only available through the orientation sessions. Required documentation of income, employment and residency are listed on the application.

      The Department will review the application and the applicant will be notified of their eligibility within 30 days of the Department’s receipt of the application. If the buyer is eligible, they will receive a Certificate of Eligibility with a one-year expiration date.

      Eligible buyers are required to respond annually to a request to renew their position on the list of Eligible Buyers and extend the expiration date of their Certificate of Eligibility. The Department will send notices requiring response via U.S. mail.

      Eligible buyers will be notified of available MPHU homes via e-mail, mail, notices on the program website, and notices in local newspapers.

      Interested eligible buyers must complete and return a Lottery Entry Form by the date indicated in the notice and on the form. Required documentation includes:
      1. evidence of mortgage pre-approval for an amount sufficient to purchase available MPHU homes dated within the last 30 days;
      2. certificate of completion from a certified homeownership education program; and
      3. documentation of current income, employment and residency as specified on the lottery entry form.
      The Department will hold a lottery of eligible buyers who have submitted lottery entry forms for available MPHU homes. Applicants will be notified whether their names have been drawn. Applicants whose names have been drawn do not need to do anything after the lottery.

      The builder will contact the names on the lottery list in the order drawn, until all the MPHU homes are contracted for sale.

      The potential buyer must respond to the sales offering from the builder within the time frame given by the builder and sign a Sales Contract to secure the MPHU home.

      The potential buyer must then fulfill all legal requirements to complete the sale, including securing a mortgage and completing all legal requirements, both for settlement and with the MPHU office. Program staff will assist buyers, builders, settlement attorneys in tracking and coordinating the required documents and settlement.

      At settlement the buyer will give the builder their original MPHU Certificate of Eligibility. The builder will send a copy of all the required settlement documentation, including the original MPHU Certificate of Eligibility, to the MPHU office.

      Please note: This is an outline of the process and is not legally comprehensive or binding.

      Request more info
      To request more information, please call Brandy at (302) 855-7777 or send an email.