Moderately Priced Housing Program Developers Information

  1. Procedures:
    Those developers interested in participating in the Moderately Priced Housing Program must consent to the following procedures:
    1. The developer contacts the Department of Community Development and Housing (the Department) to express interest in participating in the program. A preliminary information meeting with the Director and Housing Coordinator is scheduled.
    2. Following the preliminary information meeting, the developer may submit an application to the Department for participation in the program. The Department will determine approval or denial within 60 days and recommend approval to County Council. Following Council approval, the developer will be notified in writing and be sent an Agreement to Build MPHUs.
    3. The developer completes and signs the MPHU Agreement and sends it to the Department. The Agreement to Build MPHUs applies to the entire development. To be included are:
      1. The signed and notarized Agreement
      2. Exhibit A – Construction Schedule
      3. Exhibit B – Statement of Land Owned
      4. Exhibit C – Listing of Market Rate and MPHU Units
      5. Exhibit D – Covenants
      6. Exhibit E – Preliminary Site Plans. An amendment to the MPHU Agreement will be made to incorporate approved site plans once they are available.
    4. The Department returns a copy signed and notarized by the County with a Verification Letter to be attached to the Planning & Zoning application for the development and building permit application for the first units in the development.
    5. The developer/builder records the Declaration of Covenants to assure restrictions on the MPHU plat. A copy of the court receipt is sent to the Department.
    6. When applying to the Planning & Zoning Commission for final site plans, the developer/builder attaches the MPHU verification letter.
    7. When applying for the first building permit in the development, the builder attaches the MPHU verification letter.
    8. The developer/builder reports to the Department quarterly on the progress of the development against the timeline laid out in the MPHU Agreement.
    9. No more than 365 days before units will be available for settlement and occupancy, the builder and Director of the Department sign a MPHU Sales Offering Agreement. This will include:
      1. Schedule A: list of units being offered
      2. Schedule B: General Information Sheet
      3. Schedule C: Unit Description for each model of MPHU available. The Maximum Sales Price will also be set in the Sales Offering Agreement.
    10. The 180-day Priority Marketing Period begins on the earlier of 1) when the sales offering agreement is finally executed by both the builder and the Department; or 2) fifteen days after submission of the Sales Offering Notice to the Department.
    11. The Department holds a lottery for interested eligible households on the MPHU waiting list.
    12. The Department will send the builder the list of certified applicants from the lottery.
    13. The builder contacts the certified applicants for each MPHU unit in the order on the lottery list.
    14. The builder inserts MPHU language, provided by the Department, in the deed. The Rider to Residential Contract of Sale is attached to the sales contract for all MPHU units.
    15. Within 14 days after the execution of a sales contract, the builder must submit a copy of the executed sales contract and rider to the Department.
    16. Program staff will assist the builder’s agent and buyer in coordinating settlement.
    17. After settlement the builder sends a copy of the settlement documentation to the Department, including:
      1. Final settlement sheet
      2. Copy of the deed
      3. Buyer’s original Certificate of Eligibility
      4. Copy of the financing statement recorded against the proceeds of sale
      5. Purchaser’s Acknowledgement of Receipt of Covenants
    18. Please note: This is an outline of the process and is not legally comprehensive or binding.
  2. Request for Proposals As of September 2008, the Department accepts Request for Proposal applications on a rolling basis. The developer of a proposed project must schedule a preliminary meeting with the Department of Community Development before proceeding with the application process. Please review the RFP application here.
  3. Developments in progress
    1. Ingram Village
      1. Ellendale - North Old State Road
      2. Note: This project was annexed into the town of Ellendale and is no longer under County jurisdiction.
    2. Moorings of Pepper’s Creek
      1. Dagsboro – Piney Neck Road
      2. 27 Units; 5 Single Family, 4 Twin Homes, 9 Town Homes, 9 Stacked Flat
    3. Powell Place
      1. Georgetown – Zoar Road
      2. 39 Units; 39 Single Family
    4. Newdale Acres
      1. Ellendale - North Old State Road
      2. 45 Units; 23 Single Family, 22 Town Homes