New Requirements

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RES Checks should NOT show blown insulation as continuous.


Pole buildings with a full second story, must have the second-floor joist connection sealed by an architect or engineer.


When adding a room, deck, or screen porch to a townhouse, a 2-hour fire wall is required between units even if there is open air on the other side. Per State Fire Marshal.


2-hour firewalls on town houses must extend the full length of the wall, even when there is open air on the other side. Per State Fire Marshal.


Per IECC (Table R402.1.1 Climate Zone 4 except Marine) Any conditioned living space must have floor (slab perimeter, conditioned crawl or floor cavity), wall and ceiling insulation. RES Check will pass without having a component but doesn’t mean you don’t need it.


Any addition that involves changes to electric will be required to bring smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors up to code.


A connection/track inspection is required for pre-engineered sunrooms before the framing inspection.


Pole buildings with trusses over a 4:12 pitch and/or room trusses will require truss specs and beam calcs for engineered carriers at time of submittal. If using dimensional lumber, plans must be stamped by an architect or engineer.


UL rated firewall details for townhouses must be stamped by an Architect or Engineer.


Additions to an existing dwelling with an automatic sprinkler system require the system be extended into the new areas.