Western Sussex Transmission Facilities: Contract 2

The work detailed in the Western Sussex Transmission Facilities: Contract 2: Market Street Gravity Sewer contract drawings consists of furnishing and installing approximately 2620 lineal feet of 15” PVC gravity sewer main; 40 lineal feet of 8” PVC gravity sewer main; 25 lineal feet of 18” PVC gravity sewer main; 95 vertical feet of sanitary sewer manhole; force main termination reconfiguration;  11 manholes covers and frames; removal of manholes; removal and reinstallation of approximately 35 lineal concrete curb, removal and reinstall 151 square feet of concrete sidewalk; cleaning and CCTV of approx. 4035 lineal feet of interceptor sewer main; locating and raising to grade 3 manholes; installation of concrete pad around 15 manholes, and abandonment of 2 pipes from catch basins.  There is also an add alternate that will include a mill and overlay of Market Street, approx. 10580 square yards of paving, removal and reinstallation of 12 ADA curb ramps, installation of 275 square feet of sidewalk, and installation of 61 lineal feet of curb.  The work consists of the furnishing of all labor, materials, transportation, tools, supplies and equipment necessary for a gravity sewer installation and surface restoration.

Closing Date: 
Tuesday, May 7, 2019 - 2:00pm