Civil Ticketing

Upon receiving a complaint, the Constable will perform an inspection. If a violation is found, the property owner will receive a Notice of Violation listing all violations found that are subject to civil ticketing with the time frame to correct the violation(s). Should the violation(s) still exist when the property is again inspected, a ticket will be issued. If the violation(s) is still not corrected, additional tickets may be issued. The Constable’s office still has the option to issue a criminal summons to violators who must appear before the Justice of the Peace Court for resolution and/or abatement of the violation(s). The office works closely with individuals to bring their properties into compliance with the County Code.

The cost of each civil ticket is one hundred dollars ($100.00) per violation. If a violation is not corrected after issuance of the first ticket, additional tickets for the same infraction can lead to subsequent tickets within one year of the date of the Notice of Violation.

The Constable’s Office also coordinates with the Sussex County Board of Adjustment and Appeals on appeal hearings as needed.

To report a suspected violation of the County Code, contact the Sussex County Constable's Office at (302) 855-7819. Emails also can be sent to the contact listed below.