Special Event Policy

The Special Event Policy formalizes the County's Public Safety coverage process with the goal of maintaining a safe environment for the participants, spectators, and workers during any type of special event.

Sussex County provides award-winning public safety through its Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Operations Center, commonly known as our paramedics and 911 dispatchers respectively.

These services are requested at scores of events throughout the County annually. The County implemented the Special Events Policy to continue to provide the top-rate services citizens expect and to coordinate coverage with our public safety partners, including the Delaware State Police, DelDOT, and local ambulance and fire companies.

The County will review each special event on a case-by-case basis to make the following determinations, per County Code:

  1. Does the nature of the special event require public safety coverage by the paramedics or 911 dispatchers?
  2. Does the special event require a Conditional Use of land based on the County's Land Use Code?

All special events are different and require varying levels of coverage. Not all events will require public safety coverage or a land-use review.

To learn more about the County's policy and to apply for services, a special event should:

  1. Review the Special Events Policy and Application.
  2. Contact the Special Operations Coordinator at (302) 854-5255 or by email.
  3. Submit an Application to specialevents@sussexcountyde.gov for consideration.

Special Events