Special Event Information

This page contains information relating to Sussex County’s oversight of special events. Anyone considering hosting a special event is encouraged to review the Special Event & Public Safety Services Policies and Procedures below, prior to submitting an online application form.

In 2018, the County updated the Special Event Ordinance and Policy to improve the application process, as well as the oversight of the numerous events that take place annually in Sussex County. The following is a brief summary of the process, as well as steps on how to submit a Special Events permit application:

The County will review each special event on a case-by-case basis to make the following determinations, per County Code:

  1. Does the nature of the special event require public safety coverage by the paramedics or 911 dispatchers?
  2. Does the special event require land-use approval based on the County's Land Use Code?

All special events are different and require varying levels of coverage. Not all events will require public safety coverage or a land-use review.

To learn more about the County's policy and to apply for services, the organizer(s) of a special event should:

  1. Review the Special Events Policy.
  2. Contact the Special Operations Coordinator at (302) 854-5255 or by email.
  3. Submit an application for consideration.

Special Events