Wolfe Neck Hunting Program


DNREC, Parks and Recreation, has given the County approval to hold a special managed gun hunt to increase the harvest before the end of the regular deer hunting season. On Thursday, January 23rd and Friday, January 24th, there will be a managed gun hunt at the facility that will be conducted as follows:

  1. There will be a morning and evening hunt each day. Morning hunts start 1/2 hour before sunrise and end at 9AM. Evening hunts begin at 3PM and end 1/2 hour after sunset. These hours allow staff at the facility to perform normal duties without the danger of gun fire.
  2. 10 stand positions are available and will be awarded by a drawing 1 hour before the beginning of the hunt. Hunters successful in drawing a stand will only occupy the stand that is drawn and only for the duration of the AM or PM hunt. Time of drawing is 5:45 AM and 2:00 PM each day. Hunters should arrive a minimum of 10 minutes earlier to register for drawing.
  3. Hunting will only be from the provided stands. No discharge of a firearm is permitted while walking to or from the stand or while standing on the ground.
  4. Hunters will be required to remain in the stand until the end of the hunt before retrieving game or leaving the area.
  5. There will be no archery hunting during the special managed hunt.
  6. Only shotguns with slug/sabot ammunition or rifles meeting the DNREC requirement for pistol cartridges will be permitted.
  7. All hunters must have the State Park registration and Fish and Wildlife licensing requirements completed prior to hunting.
  8. Hunters are required to use the deer harvest tags included with their current year Delaware Hunting License.

Hunters interested in participating in the special managed hunt should arrive to the hunter parking area in time to register. No registrations will be permitted after 5:45 AM or 2:00PM each day.

As part of a lease agreement between Sussex County (the “County”) and the State of Delaware, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (the “State”), the County hereby establishes a hunting program for public hunting on the leased area owned by the State and adjacent to the Wolfe Neck Wastewater Treatment Facility (“Hunting Area”). All members of the public who wish to hunt in the Hunting Area described must follow the requirements as follows:

  1. The purpose of all hunting in the Hunting Area shall be limited to deer management and recreational deer hunting.
  2. The Hunting Program shall be open to all members of the public and shall not be limited to a particular club, group or other segment of hunters.
  3. Hunting shall only be permitted in the designated Hunting Area.
  4. Hunting shall only be permitted from the deer stands and/or blinds provided and positioned by the County. Hunting shall be prohibited in all other areas. Prior to climbing into a stand or blind, the Participant shall be required to inspect the stand or blind for safety purposes and shall not enter the stand or blind if Participant notices any safety concern. If a safety concern is present, Participant shall notify the County at (302) 854-5060 or (302) 855-7379.
  5. Participants are required to stay on the marked and identified trail or path while going to or from any stand or blind.
  6. Hunting will be by archery only, including longbow, recurve, compound or crossbows. Air bows are not permitted unless listed as a lawful method of take by DNREC.
  7. Unless closed for scheduled or unscheduled repair and maintenance, hunting will be allowed in the leased area for the entirety of the 2019-20 Delaware deer season, when it is lawful to hunt deer with archery equipment as provided by the Delaware Hunting Regulations.
  8. Participants are required to have a valid Delaware hunting license issued through DNREC-Division of Fish and Wildlife and have a valid State Park Hunter Registration form issued by DNREC-Division of Parks and Recreation. The State Park Hunter Registration can be purchased at a number of state parks as well as at the licensing desk at the DNREC in Dover.
  9. The Hunting Program and its Participants shall comply with all Delaware laws and regulations, including but not limited to Title 7, Section 3900 of the Delaware Administrative Code pertaining to hunting and, specifically, Section 7.0 pertaining to deer hunting as limited to archery only. Failure to abide by all laws, rules and regulations shall result in the Participant’s immediate removal from the premises and shall subject the Participant to all penalties permissible under the law.
  10. Hunting is restricted to deer only. No other species shall be harvested.
  11. Stands or blinds are available on a first come, first served basis. Tags for stands will be located at the hunter check-in station located in the fenced parking area. Tags must be returned to the check-in station at the conclusion of each hunt and cannot be retained to secure the stand for a later time.
  12. Participant shall be prohibited from consuming alcohol or illegal drugs, as well as non-prescription drugs or prescription drugs (or any other substance) if that substance could impair the Participant while the Participant is on the Property, Participants shall refrain from entering the Property while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, as well as non-prescription drugs, or prescription drugs (or any other substance) if that substance could impair the Participant in any way.
  13. Prior to actively hunting, every Participant is required to sign the Wolfe Neck Hunting Program Assumption of Risk, Release of Liability and Covenant not to Sue (“Release”) which will be available at the hunter check-in station and requires compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and other such provisions as the County deems advisable. Completed release forms may also be emailed to michael.costello@sussexcountyde.gov.
  14. Minor children shall not be permitted to participate in the Hunting Program unless they do so in compliance with the State of Delaware Hunting Regulations. All minor children who are in compliance with the State of Delaware Hunting Regulations may participate only if the minor child’s parent or legal guardian has signed a Release on the minor child’s behalf, and that parent or legal guardian is also hunting with the minor child at all times.
  15. Any stand or blind identified as reserved for the handicapped may only be occupied by a handicapped hunter and any person assisting the handicapped hunter. All other Participants are prohibited.
  16. Hunting will be available to the public Monday through Saturday during the Delaware Deer seasons, the date of which are published by the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife. Dates and hours of allowable deer hunting will be posted on the Sussex County website. The County website will also post any partial or total closure for public hunting due to scheduled or unscheduled maintenance needs.
  17. All Participants must wear at least 400 square inches of blaze orange on the head, chest and back at all times when traveling to, from or while in a stand or blind.
  18. All deer harvested must be reported on a harvest report available at the hunter check-in station and must be reported prior to leaving the property.
  19. Any Participant who shoots a deer, but is unable to recover the animal, must indicate the event on the harvest report.
  20. In the event of a medical emergency that requires an ambulance or paramedics, please provide the following address to the dispatcher:  36160 Wolfe Neck Road, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971.