Open Government

Sussex County takes very seriously the public's right to know, and has taken numerous steps in recent years to ensure improved public access by posting to the County website important information such as government agendas, minutes, budgets and other records.

A variety of resources exist on the County website for the public to access information, monitor government meetings, and file records requests.

For further information about public access, please contact the Sussex County FOIA Coordinator at (302) 855-7742 or submit questions via the FOIA questions webform.

The Sussex County Government follows the Code of Conduct adopted by the State of Delaware.

In February 2023, members of Sussex County Council, Planning & Zoning Commission, and Board of Adjustment, as well as senior leadership, took part in a public seminar focused on ethics training, provided by counsel from the Delaware Public Integrity Commission. Watch the video, or view the presentation here.