Code of Conduct

The Sussex County Government falls under the Code of Conduct adopted by the State of Delaware and can be found in Delaware Code Title 29 Chapter 58 § 5801 – 5810A.

Each official, employee and board member shall not raise suspicion among the public that such employee, official, or board member is engaging in acts which are in violation of the public trust, and which will not reflect unfavorable upon the County.

The Code is administered by the State Public Integrity Commission established by Title 29 Chapter 58. The Commission consists of seven members appointed by the Governor with the concurrence of the Senate. The Commission appoints a Commission Counsel.

The Code of Conduct applies to all County Officials, County Employees, and County Appointed Commission and Board Members.

In February 2023, members of Sussex County Council, Planning & Zoning Commission, and Board of Adjustment, as well as senior leadership, took part in a public seminar focused on ethics training, provided by counsel from the Delaware Public Integrity Commission. Watch the video, or view the presentation here.

If you suspect that an elected official, employee, or board member has violated the Code of Conduct, you can report your complaint to this form.

You may also report your complaint straight to the Delaware Public Integrity Commission in writing.

To review the Code of Conduct followed by Sussex County Government, visit Delaware Code Online.

To review a summary of the Code of Conduct for Sussex County officials and employees, view this brochure provided by the Public Integrity Commission.

To learn more about the Public Integrity Commission, visit Public Integrity Commission - State of Delaware.