Hunting Program Dates and Hours

The Wolfe Neck Hunting Program allows for archery only hunting during any deer season established by Delaware Fish and Wildlife and permitted by Delaware State Parks. The Established deer seasons are noted below in the advertised Delaware Deer Hunting Seasons and Bag Limits. Hunters are reminded that there is no Sunday hunting in the Wolfe Neck Hunting Program Area as it is part of the State Park. Hunters are reminded to obtain the required State Park hunting permit available from the Delaware State Parks and a valid hunting license available by the Delaware Fish and Wildlife. Hunting is permitted only in the provided stands and ground blinds, ladder stands and climbing stands are prohibited. Additionally, hunters are required to wear at lease 400 square inches of hunter orange while traveling to, coming from, or in an established stand.

Deer hunting hours are 1/2 hour before sunrise until 1/2 hour after sunset.

Deer Hunting Season Dates