Emergency personnel honored during annual banquet

May 9, 2013 MR 13-03 [Frankford, Del.] – Several Sussex County emergency responders and healthcare professionals were recently honored during the annual Sussex County EMS banquet, held at the Frankford Volunteer Fire Company on May 4 to honor those whose dedication and professionalism help to save lives every day.

Steve Wirth of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth law firm served as the guest speaker providing information to the audience regarding his 38 years of experience as an emergency responder and most recently as a legal advisor to fire and EMS organizations. The annual banquet, sponsored by the Sussex County Paramedic Association, Sussex County Volunteer Ambulance Association, and Sussex County EMS, was hosted by WBOC-TV 16 personality Jimmy Hoppa.

The following awards were presented:

Emergency Medical Technician of the District:

This award is given to eight outstanding emergency medical technicians (EMTs) throughout Sussex County, one for each County paramedic station’s district.

Medic 101 (Lincoln): Jim Furbush, Carlisle Fire Company
Medic 102 (Laurel): Doug Butler, Laurel Fire Department
Medic 103 (Millsboro): Frank Bunting, Frankford Volunteer Fire Company
Medic 104 (Lewes): Teri Willey, Rehoboth Beach Volunteer Fire Company
Medic 105 (Millville): Robert Smith, Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company
Medic 106 (Long Neck): Jacques Grant, Mid-Sussex Rescue Squad
Medic 107 (Bridgeville): Sarah Murray Bridgeville Volunteer Fire Department
Medic 108 (Georgetown): Joey Pepper, Georgetown American Legion Ambulance

Emergency Medical Technician of the Year:

Out of the eight EMT recipients, one was selected as Sussex County’s Emergency Medical Technician of the Year. This year’s recipient is Frank Bunting of the Frankford Volunteer Fire Company.

Emergency Medical Services Supervisor of the Year:

This award is presented to a Sussex County fire or EMS company ambulance captain or supervisor who promotes quality emergency medical treatments, provides leadership, and a commitment to excellence. This year’s recipient is Lisa Fensick of the Georgetown American Legion Ambulance.

Emergency Communications Specialist of the Year:

This award recognizes a dispatcher within Sussex County who consistently displays a high level of professionalism and dedication to excellence in emergency medical dispatch. This year’s recipient is Dispatcher Lillie Fitzgerald of the Sussex County Emergency Operations Center.

EMS Nurse of the Year:

This award is given to a nurse who shows a strong commitment to patient care that exemplifies the highest level of professionalism and dedication. This year’s recipient is Alex Faust, RN, of Beebe Medical Center, Lewes, Del.

EMS Physician of the Year:

This physician's actions or activities show a strong support for Emergency Medical Services through patient care initiatives, paramedic education, trauma services, and community activities. This year’s recipient is Dr. Phil Bailey of Sussex Emergency Associates and Beebe Medical Center.

Sussex County Emergency Medical Services Shift Excellence:

Each year, Sussex County Emergency Medical Services shift supervisors select paramedics from their shifts that have performed an outstanding job over the course of the year. These are awarded at the continuing education sessions for each shift in March.

Representing A Shift: Paramedic Ryan Deck
Representing B Shift: Paramedic Greg Bell
Representing C Shift: Paramedic Gabriella Evans
Representing D Shift: Paramedic Field Training Officer Jonathan Offen

Sussex County Emergency Medical Services Paramedic of the Year:

This is awarded to a Sussex County paramedic who exemplifies a professional attitude, clinical excellence, and commitment to the highest standard of excellence in patient care, as well as a consistent performance in delivering patient care that serves as an example to others. This year’s recipient is Paramedic Field Training Officer Russell Hooper.

Sussex County Emergency Medical Services FTO of the Year:

A Field Training Officer of the Year is selected by his/her co-workers for exemplary performance in the training, evaluation, coaching and mentoring of new employees, students, and veteran employees. This year’s recipient is Paramedic Field Training Officer Keith Bennett.

Sussex County Emergency Medical Services District Supervisor of the Year:

The District Supervisor of the Year displays professionalism and leadership in the Supervision of other field medics to the highest standards of excellence. Examples include exemplary performance in human relations, emergency scene management, and project management. This year’s recipient is A–Shift Supervisor Fred Haas.

Sussex County Emergency Medical Services Administrative Excellence:

The Administrative Excellence award is given to an individual who has demonstrated dedication and service to Sussex County Emergency Medical Services and the community through leadership, follow-through, and administrative support of Sussex County Emergency Medical Services personnel. This year’s recipient is Information Technologies Manager Matt Clark.

Sussex County Emergency Medical Services Caring People Award:

This award recognizes a private citizen for a lifesaving act in which quick thinking, fast action, and heroism were demonstrated during an emergency event. Jeff Joseph of Rehoboth Beach, Del., was recognized for his actions during an overnight house fire with injuries early Oct. 31, 2012. Mr. Joseph, who resides directly across the street from the fire scene, awoke to his dog barking. He looked outside and saw the house across the street was on fire. He yelled for another family member to call 911 and then ran over to offer his assistance. Upon arriving to the residence, without regard for his own safety, he ran into the burning structure and helped to ensure everyone was out and accounted for. Once everyone was accounted for, he assisted with treatments of the injured family members until appropriate medical personnel arrived. Mr. Joseph went above and beyond to help save his neighbors and is the 2012 Sussex County EMS Caring People Award recipient.

Special Incident Award:

Sussex County Paramedics Ellie Mitchell, Jim Lombardo, Maria Berdan, Rob Mauch, along with Mid-Sussex Rescue Squad EMTs and first responders from the Milton Volunteer Fire Company, were recognized for their quick and aggressive actions during an emergency incident involving a cardiac arrest victim. On Dec. 3, 2012, these paramedics and EMTs were instrumental in saving the life of a 48-year-old man who suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while at home. CPR was initiated by the patient’s family with assistance from Sussex County Dispatcher Bob Parsons. Due to the efforts of the family, emergency personnel and members of Beebe Medical Center staff, the man survived, neurologically intact, and is able to spend many more days with his family and friends. After the providers were recognized by Sussex County Emergency Medical Services Director Robert Stuart, the patient’s family related their own words of appreciation and personally thanked Dispatcher Parsons, all responders, and hospital staff involved.


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