Sussex braces for a blast of winter weather

4:30 PM, Tuesday, January 02, 2014: The Sussex County Emergency Operations Center would like to remind the citizens and visitors of Sussex County that they should monitor the winter weather and prepare for cold winter conditions.

Artic air will push into the area later today and tonight. Temperatures are expected to drop back tonight to 20 degrees and possibly into the teens.  With wind gusts in the area of 45 miles per hour inland tonight and 50 miles per hour along the coast, wind chill values are expected to fall below zero tonight.

If possible you should remain indoors tonight and tomorrow.  If you need to venture outside dress in several layers of clothing and limit the amount of skin exposed to the elements.  Be sure to wear something on your head as this is where you lose most of your body’s heat and wear gloves to protect hands.  Make sure that children who are waiting for the bus in the morning are covered in warm clothing.  Try to limit the amount of time they are left standing outside.  Anyone needing shelter from the cold should contact their local service agencies.  Check on neighbors to see that they are alright

During winter months always use caution.  Leave early so that you arrive at your destination safely and on time. Allow time to warm up your vehicle before attempting to drive. In the event of snow or ice, use extreme caution on the roadways and do not use them unless necessary.  Be aware that there are emergency vehicles and highway equipment on the roads during this time.

Be aware of thin ice on ponds and areas where water collects or may be standing.

Have provisions to protect animals and pets from the weather. 

We would like to advise everyone that with the prolonged cold temperatures that there is always a possibility of frozen pipes.  Contact your local plumber for information on preventing frozen pipes or for thawing those that may already be frozen.

Everyone should be prepared during winter months for bad weather and road conditions.  Preparing early can help take the frustrations out of unexpected weather. 

We suggest you have the following items available,

  • Flashlights (we do not recommend the use of candles due to the possibility of causing a fire) and fresh batteries
  • Water – stored in plastic jugs or other covered containers
  • Non-perishable provisions to last your household for 3 days.
  • A portable radio and fresh batteries
  • Make sure that you have any special need items available (diapers, formula, medicines, etc.) for at least 3 days

DO NOT call 911 for a power outage.  Check your electric bill for the customer service phone number and account number.

In the event of bad weather stay tuned to your local radio and television stations for updated weather, closings and/or delays and other important information. Also, visit the Sussex County EOC website and its Twitter feed,, for up-to-date information

For more winter weather information and helpful tips, please visit the Sussex County website at and click on the ‘Other Hazards’ link on the left to download a useful guide about preparing for winter storms and other types of hazardous events.


Questions Contact PIO Debra Jones 302-855-7801 or PIO Joe Hopple 302-381-4667