Sussex County updates online land use portal

Georgetown, Del., Feb. 23, 2023: Sussex County has a new and improved look when it comes to land use.

The County’s Planning & Zoning office recently launched a re-imagined online portal that serves as the digital repository of land use records for development in Sussex County. First unveiled in 2015, the Land Use Application Docket has undergone a massive 2.0 upgrade in the past year, featuring added documentation and allowing users to now view, search, and sort development application projects in one convenient location, rather than scattered about the County website.

In addition to past offerings of digital application files, agendas, and meeting minutes, users can now view other documentation for every project, as well, including agency correspondence, public comments, exhibits, and more. Projects are searchable by applicant name, application number, land use type, year submitted, parcel number, meeting(s) considered, even by location on the map, something that wasn’t offered in the previous iteration of the portal.

All current and future land use applications will be housed on the system; County staff, meantime, are scanning documentation related to past applications – dating back to the late 1960s – to create a complete online archival record.

“This puts everything in one comprehensive, cohesive space,” Planning & Zoning Director Jamie Whitehouse said. “It gives the public the information they want and need to be informed.”

Sussex County developed the system with Versivo, headquartered in Gainesville, Va. The company now plans to market the template across the nation, Mr. Whitehouse said.

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