Sussex County warns public of another scam

Georgetown, Del., July 27, 2022: The heat is on, and so is the latest scam.

Sussex County officials this week learned of a new round of fictitious calls being made, this time with a scammer purporting to represent the Constable’s office. The caller poses as a constable, telling the victim an arrest warrant has been issued, but will be canceled in exchange for money.

A similar scam occurred in June with a caller claiming to be a Kent County sheriff’s deputy.

Sussex County reminds the public that contact by the Constable’s office and employees in other County departments will be made by mail or in person whenever notices of violations or other official County documents must be served to citizens.

To assist the public, the County provides the following tips to anyone who receives a suspicious solicitation, either by telephone, text, or email:

  • Try to obtain the caller’s name, a physical address and a telephone number, if possible, as well as the name of the organization represented; in the case of texts or email, avoid clicking links or opening attachments to any message;
  • Do not give sensitive or personal identifying information, such as Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, passwords, addresses, or dates of birth;
  • Do not give any money, and do not agree to any terms or conditions;
  • Hang up/delete the message and directly contact the agency in question to verify claims;
  • Contact local law enforcement to report any suspected scam.


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