Pension Contribution Ordinance Amendment

AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND CHAPTER 26 OF THE CODE OF SUSSEX COUNTY RELATING TO PENSION BENEFITS FOR SUSSEX COUNTY EMPLOYEES. This Ordinance amends Sussex County Code, Chapter 26, which governs employee pension benefits, by amending the following code provisions: “Allowable interruptions” as set forth in § 26-3 by adding a new paragraph F.; “Eligibility” as set forth in § 26-6 by adding additional language to the end of paragraphs A. and E.; “Computation of benefits” as set forth in § 26-7 by adding new paragraphs E. and F.; and “Funding” as set forth in § 26-9 by adding new paragraphs F. and G.

Acted Upon
Last Action Date: 
Tuesday, April 29, 2014