Register of Wills Forms

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Affidavit in Lieu of Receipts Affidavit used only by Attorneys in place of sending all proof of payment to Register of Wills with Account.
Certified Small Estate Affidavit Request Form Used to request a certified copy of a Small Estate Affidavit already on record.
Claim Form Used by creditors to file claims against estates.
Document Request Form Used to request a copy of a will, inventory, claim, or other document that is already on record.
Estate Search Request Form Used to conduct an estate search on your behalf. Multiple searches require a check per search. Requests including one check for all searches can not be completed.
Extension Request Form Used to request an extension to file the Inventory and/or Accounting.
Form 650

To be used when assets were previously reported, but a reason subsequently arose which required the Estate to be opened - but no assets coming in thereafter. (For attorneys use only)


  • Inheritance Tax Return filed then Litigation; no recovery.
  • Estate opened and closed. Successor needs short certificate to satisfy mortgage or make final distribution.
  • Administration necessary in order to establish Ancillary Administration in another State; No Delaware assets.
Form 651

To be used when there were no assets belonging to the decedent, and none were located (or came in) thereafter. (For attorneys use only)

Example: Minor killed in auto accident; Litigation, no recovery.

Information Sheet Case information sheet. (For attorneys use only)
Jointly Held Real Property To clear real property held jointly with any individual by right of survivorship.
Life Estate Termination Used to terminate a life estate on file with the county.
No Delaware Estate Tax Return is Required (Form NDETRR99)

For deaths occurring in January 1, 1999 - December 31, 2017. Used to clear husband and wife real estate and jointly owned real estate by right of survivorship. Also, this Affidavit will serve as your tax clearance on all probated estates where filing of the Federal Estate is NOT needed.

NOTE: If real property is held by right of survivorship, a Jointly Owned Affidavit must accompany this form.

No Delaware Estate Tax Return is Required and Jointly Held Real Property (Form NDETRR) Combined Jointly Held Property/NDETRR affidavit
No Delaware Inheritance Tax Return is Required (Form NDITDA97) For deaths occurring January 1, 1989 - December 31, 1997. Used by husband and wife to clear title of property.
No Delaware Inheritance Tax Return is Required (Form NDITDA98) For deaths occurring in 1998 only. Used by husband and wife to clear title of property.
Petition for Authority to Act as Personal Representative Used to open estates. (For attorneys use only)
Renunciation Form Used to renounce your right to serve as personal representative of an estate.
Short Certificate Request Form Used to request additional Short Certificates for an estate that is already open for probate.
Small Estate Affidavit Information on Small Estate Affidavits may be obtained by contacting the Register of Wills office.
Spousal Allowance Request Form Used to request spousal allowance.
Trust Inquiry Form To be completed and filed with accompanying opening documents on probated estates where the decedent had a Last Will and Testament in place.
Will Search Affidavit Used to indicate a thorough search was conducted to locate will.


Probate Pack

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