Addressing FAQ


Why does Sussex County need re-addressing?

The purpose of a rural addressing system is to better locate residences, businesses and other buildings in Sussex County during emergency situations whether it is for law enforcement, fire or medical assistance.

How do we go about determining your address?

  • Re-addressing is performed using software to assign each structure a new address based on distance down the road in its address range block.

  • All roads that have two or more properties on them shall be named regardless of whether the ownership is public or private. A "road" refers to any highway, road, street, lane, private way or similar paved, gravel, or dirt road. "Property" refers to any property on which a more or less permanent structure has been erected or could be placed.

  • No two roads shall be given the same name (e.g. Brown Drive and Brown Lane)

  • No two roads should have similar sounding names (e.g. Peach Place and Beach Place)

  • Numbers shall be assigned every 20 feet along both sides of the road, with even numbers appearing on the left side of the road and odd numbers appearing on the right side of the road.

How can you help?

Start using your new address as soon as it is assigned to you!

Please understand that you the community receive the greatest benefit from the E9-1-1 service. When your phone number is linked to your unique physical address it clearly identifies where you are located.

Residents using a P.O. box number can continue using that number for mailing purposes. However, they will still be issued a physical address for the property where their house is located. This is so you can easily be located in emergency situations, for utility service (phone, electric and cable) and for commercial delivery service (UPS, FED-EX). Listed below are some other ways you can help display your address once it has been assigned to you.

How to display your physical address?

The county will provide road name signs.

Unfortunately, most people never give their address a second thought until an emergency occurs at their residence. That is why we are recommending that the numeric portion of your physical address be displayed on the side of your structure facing the road from which the address was generated. It is recommended using no less than four (4) inch high, block style reflective numbers. If your structure is far enough from the road that the number cannot be seen from the road then it is suggested that the address be displayed by the use of an address marker.

What is an address marker?

A placard that displays the numeric portion of your physical address. It is recommended to be approximately six (6) inches high and eighteen (18) inches long. The numbers should be block type, not script or roman, and should boldly contrast to the background color of the placard. It is recommended the placard be placed approximately twenty (20) feet from the edge of the roadway.

With road signs and property numbers clearly visible from the road emergency responders will be better able to quickly locate someone in need of law enforcement, fire or medical assistance.

What if I live in a city or town?

The County is not responsible for issuing an address to you if you live within an incorporated city or town. Contact the respective town offices or website for more information.