How to Properly Post Your 911 Address

Mailbox with 911 address

Residences, Townhouses and Businesses

  • On the Mailbox:
    • 3" reflective numbers
  • On the Structure:
    • 4" reflective numbers
  • Whichever method is chosen, the address must clearly identify which structure the address belongs to and must be visible from both sides of the street or road the structure is located on or is closest to.
  • All posted addresses must be visible during both day and nighttime hours and contrast in color with the background to which they are affixed.

Private Lane and Long Driveways

  • If any addressed structure is located so that the address number is not clearly visible from the street, an additional address number shall be posted at the intersection of the driveway with the public street.
    • 4" reflective numbers, contrasting in color with the background on which they are affixed. Visible day and night; placed upon a post or other structure that displays the number at least 48 inches above the ground.

Industrial and Commercial Structures

  • Not less than 10" reflective numbers
  • When possible, the number shall be displayed beside or over the main entrance of the structure.

Apartment Buildings and High-Rises

  • 6" reflective numbers
  • Display above or to the side of primary entrance
  • Individual units within the complex shall be displayed on, above or to the side of the doorway of each unit.

Questions? Call Sussex County Geographic Information Office at (302) 855-1176.