Change Billing Address

Where do I begin?

You may submit a change of address request online, using the Change of Billing Address form.

Is the change immediate?

No, the change is not immediate. All changes are reviewed and updated manually.

Why can't I change the owner name?

Changing anything other than the billing address requires a change of the deed.

Will this affect my 911 address?

No, this only affects the address where this property's tax bill is sent.

What happens after I submit this form?

After the form is submitted, it is reviewed in the Billing and/or Assessment Division before the change is authorized and updated, usually within five business days.

How can I be sure you received the address change request?

Once the form has been processed by us, you will be able to view the changes by accessing the owner information through our Self Service site.

Will I be notified when the change is official?

You will not be notified when the change is official, unless you specifically request a response in the 'Reason for Change' section of the form. You must provide a valid email address and state a confirmation is required. Providing an email address alone will not generate a confirmation. (You may also access and print changes from the Self Service site, once the form is processed.)

How long will it be before the change takes place?

Typically, this process is completed within five business days, but may take longer during peak periods with higher volumes of mail.

I have more questions, who should I contact?

You should contact the Billing Division at (302) 855-7871 or send an email.