Economic Development Committee

Sussex County Government, in conjunction with the Economic Development office, wants to encourage economic development that would have an impact on the County's future economic health and competitiveness. Sussex County Council is offering a variety of economic development options with the goal of attracting employment to Sussex County. The County's objective is to create permanent, quality, full-time jobs. Projects will be reviewed by the Sussex County Economic Development Committee, which is comprised of the Sussex County Administrator, the Sussex County Finance Director, The Sussex County Attorney, and the Sussex County Director of Economic Development (the "Committee"). The recommendation of the Sussex County Economic Development Committee is then presented to the Sussex County Council for final approval.

Whoever is serving in the position of the County Finance Director, County Administrator, County Economic Development Director, and the County Attorney are members of the Committee. The Committee meets as needed based upon applications that have been received for the Economic Development Loan Fund.

Agendas and Minutes