Pension Fund Committee

The Pension Fund Committee was established by the County Council to review and periodically advise the Sussex County Council on the investment of the Sussex County Employees Pension Fund and Other Postemployment Benefit Fund.

Whoever is serving in the position of the County Finance Director, County Administrator, and County Human Resources Director are always members of the Committee. The following members are appointed by the Sussex County Council for a term of four (4) years: two Sussex County community members, a current Sussex County employee and a retired Sussex County employee, who currently receives a County pension.

Agendas and Minutes

Committee Members
Todd F. Lawson County Administrator
Gina A. Jennings County Finance Director
Karen B. Brewington County Human Resources Director
Kathy L. Roth County employee, appointed Feb. 18, 2020
Robin A. Griffith County pensioner, appointed Feb. 1, 2022
Kathleen M. Ryan Community member, appointed March 23, 2021
Mitchell K. Rogers Community member, appointed Feb. 18, 2020