Emergency Mobile Command Post

Emergency Mobile Command PostThe Mobile Command Center is of great importance to Sussex County during times of Emergency Situations. The Command Post is used during weather related incidents such as hurricanes, nor/easters, severe thunderstorms, etc. Where there is a need to go directly to the scene for damage assessment and control. The Command Post is also utilized as a back-up 9-1-1 service to citizens in areas where a major telephone trunk line has been severed.

The Command Post is utilized by the fire service of Sussex County during large incidents (i.e. fires, medical, hazardous materials, etc.). It is an invaluable tool for saving lives and property to the residents of Sussex County. The initial cost of the Command Post was $188,427.00 from Matthews Specialty Vehicles, Greensboro, NC. In addition, Sussex County installed various electronics equipment (radios, phones, pc, printers, etc.) for a total of approximately $30,000.00.