Fee List

Service Fee
Summons & Complaints*
Amended Summons
1st plurries
2nd plurries
Scire Facias
$30.00 for 1st defendant
$5.00 for each defendant at the same address
$30.00 for each defendant at a different address
$30.00 for all businesses (even if at defendant's home address)
Additional $25.00 if we find the defendant at new address beyond line of site.
Alias summons $40.00
$5.00 for each additional defendant
*Out of State Services (including notary and affidavit) $80.00 (Please include self-addressed,
stamped envelope)
Replevin/Writ of possession (10 day posting/lockout) $30.00 for posting and 1st hour of service
$35.00 per hour per deputy for each additional hour
Posting the property with the summons and complaint $30.00
Subpoena for Civil and Criminal $15.00 for each subpoena (even if the subject is at the same address)
Attachment Fi Fa (wages) $30.00
Fi Fa Attachment (levy) on goods, chattels, land and tenements whether a levy is completed or not $75.00
Returning sale on veditioni exponas, scire facias, levari facias, fieri facias, or upon any order from the court or judge $25.00 (this means go to sale). There is also an additional $1,000.00 deposit and, if it is a good and chattels sale, there is a $250.00 deposit. The $1,000.00 and $250.00 deposits are to be made out to the Sussex County Sheriff.
Certified Mail $7.50 each certificate sent
Posting property with the NOTICE OF LIENHOLDERS $25.00
Faxed copy of levy $20.00 for first page & $2.00 each additional page.
Goods & Chattels/Sheriff Attendance $50.00

These Costs are for Superior Court, CCP, & Chancery.