Sussex County Rental Program

In December 2008, the Sussex County Council approved the Sussex County Rental Program (SCRP). The SCRP was created because of the significant lack of affordable rental housing in the County. Since no affordable rental housing has been created as a result of the Ordinance, due largely to the change in market following 2008, Sussex County Council amended the Ordinance in hopes of encouraging stronger participation in the SCRP. In 2017, Housing Alliance Delaware reported that there are approximately 18,194 renter households in Sussex County that face a severe shortage of affordable rental units. Further, Housing Alliance Delaware indicates that it would take 85 hours at a minimum wage job to afford a two-bedroom apartment at Fair Market Rent.  Based on the most recent Department of Labor data, the fastest growing jobs are in the lowest paying sector: the service industry. New development is not adequately addressing the rental housing needs of the County’s low and moderate income residents and workforce. Without an adequate supply of affordable rental housing in close proximity to employment and town centers, the County’s workforce must commute a great distance for work. Not only do long commutes have a negative effect on the environment and transportation, but commuting also comes with high fuel expenses.

Please feel free to read the amended (November 2016) SCRP Ordinance for a more detailed description of the program as it currently reads.

*UPDATE - NOVEMBER 2017 - NEW DEVELOPER APPLICATION AVAILABLE HERE. Developers may submit an application to participate in the program at any time, but should review the application for specific requirements regarding the process.

If you are interested in participating in the SCRP Program as a developer OR tenant, please contact Brandy Nauman at (302) 855-7779 or via email.