Sussex County Rental Program

The Sussex County Rental Program (SCRP), originally created and approved in 2008, underwent a significant revision and expansion in 2022.  The program seeks to incentivize housing developers to incorporate affordable rental units in their projects, specifically in the Coastal Area.  The rental rates under the SCRP are designed to be affordable to individuals and households that are working as emergency responders, teachers, healthcare providers, and in the service industry.    

In the most recent Housing Needs Assessment (2023) published by the Delaware State Housing Authority, data shows that Delaware has a shortage of 19,400 affordable rental units for renters with incomes below 50% AMI.  The Assessment further outlines that Sussex County has a projected need of 2,643 affordable rental units by 2030. 

New development is not adequately addressing the rental housing needs of the County’s low- and moderate-income residents and workforce. Without an adequate supply of affordable rental housing near employment and town centers, the County’s workforce must commute a great distance for work. Not only do long commutes have a negative effect on the environment and transportation but commuting also comes with high fuel expenses.

Current SCRP Projects

Coastal Tide

Sussex County’s first SCRP project, Coastal Tide, in Lewes is accepting applications for the SCRP units.  Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee an SCRP unit or a spot on the waiting list.  Households submitting an application will be pre-screened for completeness of application, income eligibility, and other SCRP eligibility criteria.  Eligible applicants will be notified in writing regarding status and of any further information deemed necessary by the developer or site agent.  

The household must successfully complete the application process with the developer and/or site agent to be awarded a unit.  The application process includes income verification, credit check, and criminal background check for all members of the household 18 years of age or older. 

Please contact Coastal Tide Apartments at (302) 313-8787 for an application or visit the website.  You may also visit the property at 33451 Mackenzie Way, Lewes, DE 19958.  

Coastal Tide Presentation - County Council - December 8, 2020


Tenant Eligibility

  • § There is a preference given to tenants who have worked or resided in Sussex County for at least one year preceding the application to the Sussex County Rental Program
  • § Applicant must maintain SCRP unit as principal occupant and primary residence
  • § Tenants must earn between thirty and eighty percent (30-80%) of the Area Median Income to be eligible. Income limits are defined below*:

Household Size








Income 80% AMI*









  • § Rents are calculated using 50% AMI and fixed based on bedroom-size.


1 BR

2 BR

3 BR

Rent (does not include utilities)




*Data is based on 2024 HUD Income Guidelines for Sussex County


Ordinance & Permitted Uses


If you are interested in participating in the SCRP Program as a developer, please contact Brandy Nauman at (302) 855-7779 or via email.

Commitment to Fair Housing

It is the policy of Sussex County to comply with the Fair Housing Act, as amended, and the Delaware Fair Housing Act by ensuring that its officials, agents, and employees will not discriminate in any aspect of housing based on the following protected classes: race, color, religion, national origin, handicap/disability, familial status, sex, creed, marital status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or source of income.