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Dear Fellow Paramedic,

Thank you for your interest in Sussex County Emergency Medical Services (SCEMS). SCEMS is a government service, providing advanced life support (ALS) primarily for Sussex County, Delaware. Founded on January 15, 1991, we work closely with fire department-based BLS services and state and local police, and are a part of the Delaware State-wide Paramedic Program.

SCEMS is a non-transporting EMS agency, using specially designed rapid response vehicles. Our staff of 114 paramedics and support personnel provides ALS service to a 938 square mile area (the largest of Delaware’s three counties) and a year-round population of 232,000. Our summer population doubles as 8 million tourists annually come to enjoy our beautiful Atlantic beaches. We answer more than 26,000 ALS calls each year, and due to our geography, 30 to 45 minute transport times are not uncommon. Transportation of patients is provided by 21 BLS transport services (with a SCEMS Paramedic on-board if the patient meets ALS criteria), or by ALS helicopter service provided by the Delaware State Police stationed in Sussex County. In many cases, the SCEMS Paramedic will fly with the patient to the appropriate medical facility.

SCEMS is a progressive, growth oriented system, which requires a high degree of competency and dedication from its members. Our paramedics rely on a comprehensive set of standing orders to provide ALS care, establishing direct contact with the Medical Control Physician for consultation and additional orders when needed. In addition to the standard paramedic interventions, all of our units are equipped with pre-hospital ventilators, LUCAS CPR assist devices, AirTraq video intubation cameras, nasal and in-line capnography, and 36 different prehospital medications. We were the first service in the State to utilize Rapid Sequence Induction/Drug Facilitated Airway procedures, and continue to be a pioneer for new EMS products and procedures.

Because of the progressive nature of our protocols and the high degree of reliance on the paramedic’s individual judgment, we are very selective in our hiring practices. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and are required to have an oral interview, written test, practical interview, and a physical examination. As a minimum, we require National Registry as a Paramedic and current BCLS, ACLS, ITLS/PHTLS, and PALS Certifications. Criminal background checks are required and the applicant must have a current and valid driver's license. New paramedics undergo a rigorous orientation as well as the Delaware certification process that includes extensive field practice and evaluation alongside one of our 16 Field Training Officers.

The starting salary for a first-year paramedic is $21.70 per hour or, $47,396.44 per year. Raises include cost of living, opportunity for annual performance increases, educational degree increases, and a career ladder including Paramedic I, II, III, Field Training Officer, and Supervisor. All employed paramedics have the opportunity to join committees and work groups that allow for the shaping of department decisions and operations. Our work schedule consists of two 12-hour days, two 12-hour nights and four days off. Sussex County provides excellent employee benefits. These benefits include 15 days of vacation, 15 days of sick leave, and 14 paid holidays per year. Also included is a generous health care plan with additional benefits including prescription coverage, an excellent dental and vision plan, life insurance, and a 25-year retirement program.  Tuition assistance for higher education is also available. All uniforms, additional equipment, and continuing education are provided by the department.

Sussex County is primarily an agricultural and recreational area. In addition to the famous Atlantic coast beaches (Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, Bethany Beach, etc.), life in Sussex County can be rewarding if you like fishing and boating (deep sea, surf, bays, ponds, rivers, etc.) and the great outdoors. If you are a duck or goose hunter, Sussex County lies in one of the most heavily traveled migration paths for ducks and geese anywhere in the United States. If you enjoy farming and gardening, Sussex County has rich and fertile soil with long growing seasons. Besides recreation, the economy in Sussex County revolves around agriculture and chicken farming. For the sports fan, there is an excellent Class A baseball team, the Delmarva Shorebirds, which are located in nearby Salisbury, Maryland. Sussex County is approximately two hours from the Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens, Washington Redskins, The Nationals, The Wizards, Philadelphia Phillies, Flyers, 76ers, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The cost of living in Sussex County is considered to be very low (with the exception of the beach areas). Housing is very affordable and considered to be in the low to moderately priced range. Property taxes are low and there is no sales tax in Delaware. In fact, the more than 100 outlet stores at Rehoboth Beach are a popular tourist destination year-round.

If you are interested in working in an exclusive ALS 9-1-1 EMS system that is medically aggressive and employee-oriented, then Sussex County EMS could be the place for you. In addition to completing the application and release forms, we ask that you submit the following:

  • Copies of your current certifications and National Registry card (front and back)
  • A copy of your National Registry test results
  • A copy of your Driver’s license
  • An official criminal record
  • An official driving record
  • A letter from your paramedic training center indicating compliance with the DOT National Standard Curriculum (the letter must also indicate year of curriculum and your completion date)
  • If you are currently licensed or certified in another State, please include letter from your State EMS office indicating your certification is valid and in good standing

We encourage you to come and visit SCEMS, and stay long enough for a ride-along on one of our paramedic units. If you have any questions, or would like to arrange for a visit, please call our Education Coordinator, Ed Engdahl at (302) 854-5050.


Robert Murray, Director
Sussex County EMS

Delaware Paramedic Protocols:
Paramedic Standing Orders, Guidelines and Policies 2018

To Apply:

Request an official application package by writing to:

Sussex County Emergency Medical Services
Education Coordinator
P.O. Box 589 Georgetown, DE 19947-0589
(302) 854-5050 - Voice, (302) 855-7780 - Fax

To request a "ride-along", please contact our Education Coordinator at the telephone number listed above.

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In accordance with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it is the policy of Sussex County Emergency Medical Services to prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or political or religious affiliations.