How to Connect

Only plumbers with a valid Sussex County license are permitted to connect houses to the wastewater facilities. A current list of Sussex County licensed plumbers can be viewed below or by calling (302) 855-7701. (Note: If you currently retain a plumber who is not licensed by Sussex County, licenses may be obtained by contacting the Planning and Permits Division at (302) 855-7719.) You may want to call several plumbers on the list to obtain the best price for your hookup. Each plumber is bonded and carries the proper insurance to help protect you against damages that could arise. You may also want to join with several neighbors in seeking a price from the plumbers. Often a plumber will be able to offer a lower connection price if he has more than one hookup to do in the area.

Plumbers Licensed to Work on Sussex County Owned Water and Sewer Systems

After you select a Sussex County licensed plumber, the plumber will then apply for a connection permit from Sussex County. Our office is located in the County Administrative Offices on The Circle, Georgetown, Delaware and is open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., excluding holidays.

Issuance of a connection permit is required to install the necessary piping to connect your house to the lateral provided for each property. The cost of the permit is $100.00, which covers the cost of processing the permit, the County's inspection of your plumber's work, and the establishment of your account. An additional work item requires that your septic tank be pumped out and properly abandoned. Plumbers are not permitted to discharge the contents of the septic tank into the sewer system. Therefore, your plumber must make arrangements for a septic hauler to dispose of the waste.

Sussex County has specific requirements regarding the size and type of pipe that must be used to make the connection, as well as the spacing of certain plumbing fixtures. The Sussex County licensed plumber will be familiar with these requirements.

When your plumber has performed the exterior piping work and our inspection is complete, you will receive a copy of the approved permit stating the work has been completed according to the procedures and specifications outlined in the Code of Sussex County.