Sewer Concept Plan Change

Please note that the Sussex County Engineering Department will no longer be requiring submittal of Concept Sewer Plans. The newly amended Chapter 110 requires the Engineer and/or Developer to request a Sewer System Concept Evaluation (SSCE) from the Utility Planning Department for their parcel(s) along with estimated EDUs for the project, along with payment of $1000.00 payable to Sussex County Council. The Utility Planning Department will review the parcel and EDUs, determine capacity, and provide the connection point and any additional parcels that must be served as part of the project. Should it be determined that a pump station is required for the project, additional information may be requested. This information will be conveyed to the engineer and/or developer as well as the Sussex County Public Works department. Public Works will use this information when reviewing Construction Drawings to verify that the correct connection point is used, and all required parcels are served.

Anything currently in the pipeline will need to be completed as previously required.

John J. Ashman