Building Code

  • Building Code Plan Review - Phone: (302) 855-7860, Fax: (302) 855-7821, Email: Building Code
    I have code question about my Commercial Project/Single Family Project?
    What is required for Single Family Plan Review?
    What is required for Commercial Plan Review?

  • Building Inspections - Phone: (302) 858-5500, Email: Building Code Inspections
    Can I set up an inspection?

Related County Offices

  • Assessment – (302) 855-7824
    How is my tax bill assessed?
    I’m over 65/disabled, may I be Exempt?
    How can I make my Manufactured Home a class “C”? 

  • Building Permit Office – (302) 855-7720
    How much is my Building Permit?
    What documents do I need to submit for a building permit?

  • Planning & Zoning – (302) 855-7878
    What are my setbacks?
    Can I get my Certificate of Occupancy (C/O)?
    What’s my property zoned as?
    Where do I get a sign permit?

  • Recorder of Deeds – (302) 855-7785
    Where can I get a copy of my plot plan?

  • Geographic Information Office (Mapping & Addressing) – (302) 855-1176
    How can I get my 911 address?

State Agencies