Electronic Recording

The Recorder of Deeds Office records documents submitted electronically via Simplifile and CSC.

Please contact Simplifile at 1-800-460-5657 or CSC at 1-866-652-0111.


Recording Document Types

Acknowledgement of Lease Agreement of Lease
Acknowledgement of Lease Conveyance of Home Agreement of Lease
Affidavit of Affixation Agree-M
Affidavit Certifying Mortgage Payoff SAT
Affidavit of Compliance Agree-D
Affidavit of Correction Agree-M
Affidavit of Lost Assignment Assignment-M
Affidavit of Owners Affidavit-D
Affidavit of Transfer to Survivor Agree-D
Agricultural Lands Preservation Easement Easement-D
Amendment to By-Laws Agree-D
Amendment to Declaration Decla-D
Amend to Declaration of Covenants Easement and Restrictions Restrictions-D
Amend to Declaration of Covenants Conditions and Restrictions Restrictions-D
Amend to Restrictions Restrictions-D
Assessment Lien Lien-M
Assignment of Agreement Agree-D
Assignment of Agreement Affecting Real Estate Assignment-M
Assignment of Developers Rights Agree-D
Assignment of Mortgage Assignment-M
Assignment of Rents, Leases and Profits Assignment-M
Assignment of Special Declarants Rights Agree-D
Assumption Agreement Assumption Agree
Bill of Sale Agree-D
Cancellation of Assignment of Leases and Rents MISC-I
Cancellation of Lis Pendens MISC-I
Certificate of Trust MISC-I
Code of Regulations Code of Reg-D
Collateral Assignment of Agreements Affecting Real Estate Assignment-M
Collateral Assignment of Lease Assignment-M
Collateral Assignment of Note and Mortgage Assignment-M
Collateral Assignment of Lessors Interest Assignment-M
Confirmatory Assignment Assignment-M
Confirmatory Assumption Agreement Assumption Agree
Court Order MISC-I
Deed of Easement  Easement-D
Delaware Agricultural Lands Preservation Acknowledgement Agree-D
Easement Agreement Easement-D
Estoppel Certificate Agree-M
Extension and Amendment to an Indenture Lease-D
Guaranty Agreement Agree-M
Home Equity Line of Credit Account Amendment Agreement MTG-M
Irrevocable Power of Attorney Coupled with an Interest MISC-I
Landlords Estoppel Certificate Agree-D
Leasehold Interest Assignment Agree-D
Loan Modification - MTG Modification Agreement MTG-M
Modification of Mortgage MTG-M
Notice of Annexation and Zoning Agree-D
Notice of Benefitted Lot status Agree-D
Notice of Lien for Assessments Due Lien-M
Notice of Lis Pendens MTG-M
Option Agreement Agree-D
Partial Assignment of Special Declarants Rights Agree-D
Partial Release of Mortgage MISC-I
Power of Attorney MISC-I
Permanent Easement Agreement Easement-D
Proprietary Lease Lease-D
Rehabilitation Agreement Lien-M
Release of Assessment Lien MISC-I
Release of Assignment of Rents MISC-I
Release of Constables Lien MISC-I
Release of Lien MISC-I
Right of First Refusal Agree-D
Scriveners Affidavit Agree-D or Agree-M
Stormwater Conveyance Easement Agree-D
Subaqueous Lands Lease Subor-M
Subordination Agreement Subor-M