Recording Information Requirements

Signatures All signatures must be original and notarized
Legibility Legible and suitable for indexing/imaging
Size Up to paper size 8 1/2" X 14"
Margins 2" top first page, 2" bottom last page and 1" margin top & sides of each page; otherwise, non-compliance fee will be charged
Type At least 12 points; (15 characters and spaces per inch)
black ink only
Paper White 20 lb.
Numbering All pages, including attachments and inserts, must be numbered sequentially
Printing Printing on one side only, otherwise non-compliance fee will be charged
Parcel Numbers Tax Map and parcel number upper left corner
Preparers name
and address
On upper left corner under tax map numbers, within the 2" margin
Return address Typed on the upper left of FIRST or bottom left of LAST PAGE of each document
Limit of 5 document recordings per check/money order per receipt transaction.
All recordings must have self-addressed, stamped return envelope, per document. We encourage including a FedEx, UPS, or similar priority mail envelope in order to receive your documents back in a timely manner.
Checks payable to Recorder of Deeds in correct amount. Incorrect checks will be returned. All checks must have a phone number on them. All payments must be correct or they will be returned. We no longer issue refunds.
Any document with tape or correction fluid will be returned, otherwise non-compliance fee will be charged.
$30.00 noncompliance fee will be assessed per document that does not comply with recording requirements.
If original document is lost or misplaced, contact Office Manager for recording requirements.
General Information Sheet is required when recording all deed documents. Please see Obtaining the General Information Sheet for instructions on how to do so.

Exceptions: With the exception of #15, none of these regulations apply to UCC forms, IRS filings and plots.

Sussex County will not accept void requests. Once a document is on record it will stay on record. If a document needs to be corrected due to an error by our office, the submitter will not be charged. If the error is determined to be on the submitter, corrections will need to be submitted by re-recording and fees will be charged accordingly.